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A friendly Canterbury based society open to all golfers

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With members from around the Canterbury and East Kent area, St Stephen’s Golf Society was established in 2009. This friendly group has now grown to over 30 members playing friendly ‘Stableford’ matches on golf courses all around the county of Kent and beyond.

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We play 3 yearly competitions inc: Highest points total, highest average (best of 7) and a cup competition* plus spot prizes for *nearest the pin and a *2’s club fund. All results and event information are available on our news and results pages.

As special offers become available additional week day events are organised at courses in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

  • No handicap required
  • Only £10 to join (£5 after July)
  • Match fee £39 (all courses inc food)
  • Annual points competition
  • Annual best average competition
  • Annual cup competition
  • Up to £100 worth of match and spot* prizes to be won on the day

2022 Leader Board

Most points: total/(best 6/11)

  1. Nigel Stevenson 245 (36.16)
  2. Paul Sequenza 227 (33.66)
  3. Mick Bevan 225 (34.00)
  4. Bob McDougall 224 (33.16)
  5. John Knight 215 (31.83)
  6. Alan Mountain 212 (32.00)
  7. Chris Snell 193 (29.00)
  8. Ricky Woolley 186 (28.50)
  9. Carl Bolton 180 (30.00)
  10. Kingsley Williams 180 (NA)
  11. Derek Bevan 175 (29.16)
  12. Simon Fowler 175 (29.16)
  13. Pete Kenehen 160 (NA)
  14. Gareth Venables 145 (NA)
  15. Kevin Mullins 122 (NA)
  16. Ryhys Hywel-Batty 121 (NA)

KO Cup results/draw

Best ave TBA

2021 Final Leader Board

  1. Carl Bolton 369pts
  2. Paul Sequenza 362pts
  3. Nigel Stevenson 344pts
  4. Bob McDougall 335pts
  5. Alan Mountain 322pts
  6. Gareth Venables 309pts
  7. Kevin Mullins 285pts
  8. Simon Fowler 283pts
  9. Pat Dawkins 281pts
  10. Ricky Woolley 275pts
  11. Pete Kenehan 267pts
  12. John Knight 253pts
  13. Andy Stevenson 224pts
  14. Mick Bevan 211pts
  15. Alix Mitchell 183pts
  1. Carl Bolton 38.33pts
  2. Alan Mountain 35.16pts
  3. Bob McDougall 35.00pts
  4. Nigel Stevenson 34.50pts
  5. Paul Sequenza 34.33pts
  6. Gareth Venables 34.33pts
  7. John Knight 34.16pts
  8. Pete Kenehan 33.67pts
  9. Pat Dawkins 33.50pts
  10. Andy Stevenson 33.00pts
  11. Kevin Mullins 32.40pts
  12. Ricky Woolley 30.83pts
  13. Simon Fowler 30.33
  14. Alix Mitchell 30.50pts

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Past ‘Shield’ Winners
most points
runner up
best average
Cup [winner]

2021 (Covid) Carl Bolton
Runner up: Paul Sequenza
Best Ave: Carl Bolton
KO Cup: Pete Kenehan
Player of the Year: Paul Sequenza

2020 (Covid): Nigel Stevenson
Runner up: Ricky Woolley
Best Ave: Carl Bolton
KO Cup: Pat Dawkins

2019: Andy Oxberry
Runner up: Alex McBeth
Best Ave: Andy Oxberry
KO Cup: Kevin Oxberry

2018: Nigel Stevenson
Runner up: Karl Robson
Best Ave: Karl Robson
KO Cup: Nigel Stevenson

2017: Antony Back
Runners up: Steve Winder
Best Ave: Antony Back
KO Cup: Steve Winder

2016: Alex McBeth
Runners up: Jason Robson
Best Ave: Jason Robson

2015: Will Scull
Runners up: Royston Gough
Best Ave: Royston Gough

Most points pre-2015

2014: Mark Delo
Runners up: Mark Burns/Nigel Stevenson

2013: Chris Adams
Runner up: Mark Burns

2012: Tim Epps
Runner up: Chris Gough

2011: Chris Gough
Runner up: Chris Adams

2010: Trevor Bailey
Runner up: Ady Gough

2009: John Bundock
Runner up: Mark Delo