Welcome to 2024 – News and Events

2024 skipper: Simon Fowler

Welcome to the 2024 season of golfing events put together by our new skipper Simon Fowler and the St Stephen’s Golf Society committee members.

Starting off with our first event at Littlestone Warren GC, the 2024 fixtures are almost complete including new courses: Sheerness, Faversham, Lullingstone Park and Cobb Tree Manor.

Sadly, all the hosts have put their prices up for 2024 so there’s a match fee increase of £5.00 to £45.00 for all events (unless stated otherwise) and membership is now £15.00.

Congratulations to all the 2023 competition winners, hopefully we will see some new names on the awards this time next year


Please ensure:

  • you pay your £15.00 membership before Friday 26th January 2024
  • you change the event payment to £45.00 (unless stated otherwise)
  • respond to other events published on the WhatsApp groups if interested (and complete payment within the timescale required)
  • turn up to fixtures at least 15 minutes before breakfast (so Simon can organise the groups)
  • let Simon know 48hrs in advance if you have any special requirements (buggies, leaving early, bringing a guest, diet requirements etc)
  • you are insured to play golf (you are NOT insured by golf courses and/or the society, you are responsible for your own insurance cover to play golf with SSGS)
  • you are dressed accordingly for the venue (check with the venue if unsure, some casual on-course and club house attire will not be accepted, ie: bandannas, cargo shorts, sports tops etc)

Handicap update – NEW
Your handicap for 2024 will be defined by your England Golf Handicaps World Index (not the course adjusted HC) on Fri 26th Jan 24 (or by the skipper for non-EGHC users).

Thereafter the ONLY time this will change is:

  1. you win – minus 2 strokes
  2. you score 29 points or less – plus 1 stroke

Contact the secretary if you have any questions

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