Highest points (100+)

  1. Nigel Stevenson 203pts
  2. Ricky Woolley 186pts
  3. Kevin Mullins 177pts
  4. Simon Fowler 154pts
  5. Carl Bolton 138pts
  6. Pat Dawkins122pts
  7. Andy Stevenson 118pts
  8. Pete Talbot 115pts
  9. Paul Sequenza 107pts
  10. Kevin Oxberry 106pts

Best average (due to Covid 19, best of 4 results)

  1. Carl Bolton 34.5pts
  2. Nigel Stevenson 33.8pts
  3. Ricky Woolley 31.0pts
  4. Simon Fowler 30.8pts
  5. Pat Dawkins 30.5pts
  6. (T) Andy Stevenson 29.5pts
  7. (T) Kevin Mullins 29.5pts
  8. Pete Talbot 28.75pts
  9. Paul Sequenza 26.75pts

All results are posted here within a few days of the event. All Society day results are sent to the Kentish Gazette news paper (Canterbury area).