KO Cup competition


If you’re not available for your society day KO cup match, it can be played at an alternative venue/date by mutual consent (results must be sent to the skipper). All matches match play Stableford.

2021 results: click here

Winner: Pete Kenehan
Runner up: John Knight

2020 results: click here

Winner: Pat Dawkins
Runner up: Ricky Woolley

2019 results
Winner: Kevin Oxberry
Runner up: Alex McBeth

2018 results
winner: Nigel Stevenson
runner up: Andy Oxberry

2017 results
winner: Steve Winder
runner up: Dave Gregory


Match-play Stableford, best of 18 holes. Matches to be played on society days or by mutual agreement on any other day/course.
Members only.
Winner receives the coveted KO Cup