Westgate GC Fri 28th January 2022 Event and Results

One the day…

Bring a face mask, just in case!

  • Westgate GC:
    Meet 9.00am for breakfast in the club house, 10.00 first tee off @ £39.00pp


  • Starling Bank, Sort code: 60-83-71, Acc: 57817774, Carl Bolton
  • ID BACs payment “GOLF [your name]”
    Payment/attendance confirmation no later than: 8th Dec 21

Handicap update
EGHC (England Golf Handicaps) use app for slope index correction, non-EG members will have stokes applied to their HC to match EG members.

Presentations will be made on the day

If you do not reply yes/no or fail to make payment by the dates above you will NOT be entered into the society day event.

Please read the following and action accordingly…

  • Confirm attendance by replying to the WhatsApp message YES or NO and make your payment
  • Covid rules apply
  • Do not meet in groups larger than the Covid rules allow
  • Course etiquette and rules apply

Note: If you miss your tee time you have 2 options:

  1. catch up with your group on the course
  2. go home (there are no spare places in later groups)

Club rules for all events until further notice

  • Preferred lie (fairway only) relief from divots, 6″ from the ball position, no closer to the green, do not clean the ball unless winter rules prevail  – no penalty
  • No gimmes
  • Out of bounds and lost ball, relief 2 club length in from the edge of the fairway adjacent to ball entry point – 2 shot penalty
    See st-stephens-golf.co.uk/2021-society-rules-update for more about these club rule updates
  • Golf England App: If you’re a club member and using the new Golf England App your society handicap must match the App handicap for the course you are playing (not your membership course)

See: st-stephens-golf.co.uk/members for more about handicap and prizes