Wear blue for Ethan – Charity fund raising day

Next society day at Chestfield, Sat 29th April, the society will be supporting club member Kev Mullins who’s son has been through some life changing ops recently. See below

Skipper Steve Winder has decreed that to raise some monies for the good cause…

  • 2’s club – £2 entry with half the money going towards Ethan
  • 1 x Pro V1 for nearest the pins and 1 x £10 for approach remain as normal.
  • 3rd nearest the pin with a £3 entry fee. Winner taking 50% of money and Pro V1’s and other 50% to Ethan


  • Not reaching ladies tee – 50p fine
  • Entering a bunker – 50p fine (multiple shots in same bunker do not incur further fines as i’m s*#t at bunker shots!!!)
  • Each blob on the card – 50p fine (replacement for lost ball)
  • Not wearing a blue top – £5 fine
  • Making out you are younger than you really are – £1 fine
  • Peeing on the course – £1 fine
  • Having to take a number two on the course – £5 fine

Will you be willing to Wear Blue for Ethan? – Kevin Mullins
At the end of April I will be hiking 192 miles from coast to coast across the breadth of England. The journey will take me through the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors National Parks.

I am undertaking the walk to mark the 5th anniversary of our son, Ethan’s Wear Blue Campaign.

We run the annual event to raise awareness of his ultra-rare disease Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI or MPS 6 also known as Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome.

MPS and related diseases are progressive, degenerative syndromes which are ultimately terminal. Most children are born seemingly normal but symptoms generally start to show between the ages of 2 and 4. MPS sufferers are missing specific enzymes which break down GAGs in the body and as a result they store these GAGs in every cell causing progressive damage and ultimately a shortened lifespan. There is currently no cure for MPS.

Through creating awareness we launch MPS into the public domain and in doing so raise its profile. We have also been fortunate in raising vital funds along the way. This money has helped in supporting the MPS Society and also contributed towards finding a much needed cure.

Our campaign started on social media and that is where the greatest focus remains. We started by inviting friends and family to wear something Blue and posting a photo onto the event page. This has grown each year and we now get photos from around the world. We have also had many celebrities involved enabling us to reach a larger audience.

For more information on the Wear Blue campaign, Ethan’s journey or to donate please see the attachment or visit – https://www.gofundme.com/Ethansmps

To join the online campaign and post a photo on the 15th May please visit – https://www.facebook.com/events/246681032452241/?ti=icl

Any support would be greatly appreciated.