Boughton GC – Friday 10th July (mid-week comp) 1.52pm

All members attending Boughton GC mid week Society Day (£22.50)

PLEASE READ. If in doubt, call Nigel 07931 376255

see: Society Covid Rules

Please read the following restrictions and requirements.

  1. Members to confirm availability by replying to Paul’s text message
  2. Member to pay directly to the golf clu
  3. Groups – 3/4 balls (below)
  4. Course Covid 19 rules apply, ie:
    • no rakes in bunkers but bunkers in play (smooth over with your club)
    • do not touch/remove the pin
    • at all times keep 2m from your playing partner and any other golfers/persons
    • do not touch your partners balls when searching for a lost ball
    • Note: “if you don’t follow the rules you will be asked to leave in the interests of others safety” The Pro.
    • No ‘facilities’ available on-site
  5. Turn up on site no more than 15 minutes before your T-time
  6. Clubhouse, changing and toilet facilities are closed and will not be available
  7. Arrive at the 1st T no earlier than 5 min before your allotted T-time with your pairs partner
  8. T-times below
  9. Only 1 member marks both scores on 1 scorecard
  10. Score cards will be handed out on the 1st T by the skipper
  11. Score cards to be clearly marked with:
    • members name
    • members handicap
    • stroke/points per hole
    • total Stableford points scored
    • Cup matches, show running score per hole and match winners name
  12. Score cards to be photographed by the scorer and posted onto the messenger group chat
  13. Score cards to be kept by the scorer until the end of the season
  14. Nearest the pins
    Because of the Covid 19 restrictions we can’t take markers onto the course, however if you think you have a ball on the green in 1 stroke, take a photo (post onto the messenger group chat) preferably with a golf club laying adjacent to the hole for scaling and the committee will decide the 3 winners – all 4 par 3 holes in play
  15. No 2’s club until further notice
  16. Leave the course immediately after your round

Please adhere to the above, the course staff and members will be monitoring us and reserve the right to ask you to leave if they feel you are compromising Covid 19 regulations

Confirmed T-times and pairs

If you’re a vice captain* (v capt) please ensure the score cards are correct, photographed and added to the messenger group chat ASAP.

  1. 1.52 Ricky Woolley, Carl Bolton, Simon Fowler
  2. 2.00 Nigel Stevenson, Kev Mullins, Alex McBeth

…and if anyone asks me ‘what do I do with the score cards’ it’s a £5.00 fine donated to wear blue for Ethan