Club changes to mid-week golf

As the 2020 season closed to an end, members reflected on the a year that’s seen Covid 19 change the way we play the game. With diminishing numbers it was decided to make 2021 a season of change with society days played on the last Friday of the month instead of the last Saturday.

It is hoped that the cheaper green fees and more tee time availability will encourage new members and some past members to join the society. The 2021 season already has a weekend break booked for Dale Hill, Sussex and plans are in place for trips to France and double golf days playing 36 holes.

“We’ve see a lot of members join golf clubs during the Covid period as they take advantage of increased leisure time and furlough wages/grants. This has reduced membership but the club is financially in a good place with many deposits carried over from 2021. Anyone who wants to join us is more than welcome as we look to recover and grow”. 2020 and 2021 skipper Nigel Stevenson